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Imagined back in the late 1990s
Wasso D'or only came to life 20 years later and finally launched in 2020.
With Wasso being the family name,

our story traces all the way back to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Son of an immigrant, I grew up a refugee A man with no country, no borders
An alien. 

Growing up this way, I never felt the need to belong anywhere.
Everywhere I go is home 
A child of earth 

WASSO D'OR has no country,
no borders. 
It belongs everywhere.
It is born of earth


A seed 
whose fruits can, and should be enjoyed universally.

Our first design is called LA GRAINE (The seed), this particular line  was inspired by Biblical verses
Mathew 13:32
Isaiah 55:10
Psalms 89:4

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